Letter: Do they work for the voters?


To The Editor:

With all that happened with the Supreme Court of the United States, I think the court has been shamed. The party that set up this causation has deceived its voters. It doesn’t matter which party. Each has benefited from this crime, and a crime it is. It is a crime against the voters.

Republicans are aghast at whomever did the deed, Democrats are sure the Republicans did it. The effects of the leak make a smoother acceptance across the country. Now the states have to fight the questions over again. Even though the country had spoken very loudly long ago. The leak has brought the reputation of the Supreme Court in to question. Yes, I believe it does. Yes, it owes respect to the voters, male and female, even though they are not looked upon as equals. As far as equals go, men go to a medical doctor no questions asked. A women, not so. Her decision is decided by the Supreme Court. Not one of those judges have MD behind their name.

It looks like the ruling has been decided two months ahead of the due date. How does the court work? The curtain of secrecy has been lifted a little. But what does that really do? Some person made the Supreme Court of the U.S. a sham. It has lost respect. Does the court work for the voter? Maybe term limits would allow the judges on the court to do a job for the voters, not the party that got them nominated. The judges keep the Americans off balance. Is that their job? Do they work for the voters?

Camille G. Grimes