Sandwich City Council receives budget audit

The Sandwich City Council received its 2019 city audit presentation during its regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 11.

The delay was caused by the police pension audit, Bill Newkirk, of Newkirk and Associates of Plano, said.

“I will note that the audit in general, I think, this audit went a lot smoother this year,” he said. “And as far as the city’s portion of the audit, we were done sometime in July or so. The reason I’m not here until January is actually because the police pension [fund] is a separate audit and I cannot issue my audit until their audit is complete. And that was not complete, I believe, until the first week of December.”

The meeting had some technical issues with Newkirk’s voice fading in and out during his presentation. He didn’t mention any big highlights and none of the alderman had any questions for him afterward.

In other meeting activity, Sandwich City Engineer/Public Works Director Tom Horak announced the city Planning Commission meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 12, had been canceled.

“I had the opportunity to meet with Tom on Friday,” Kreinbrink said. “We had a good conversation and finalized the remainder of the purchasing policy, so I’ll be finalizing that. Anybody, if you have the opportunity, make sure you swing in and have a sit down with Tom because he has a lot of good feedback to give us.”

Lastly, Alderman Pete Dell said he sent the council an email worksheet of sorts for the 2020-21 city budget.

“I’d like everybody to write down their thoughts on what we need to be spending on each of these line items as part of the start of our budgeting process,” he said. “You can just make up a number that feels good to you or go to city folks, the directors, and ask them what they think, however you want to do it. But I would like everybody to try to throw out a number on each of those line items.”

Technical issues resulted in the virtual meeting starting about 15 minutes late. Sandwich may soon switch back to in-person City Council meetings.

“We’ll find out on Friday [Jan. 15] whether or not the [state Tier 3 COVID-19] mitigations will be lifted,” Sandwich Mayor Rich Robinson said. “If they are, we will start next week having a meeting in person. If they’re not, we’ll continue to do remote.”