May 26, 2022


Yorkville to change waste hauler in spring; residents to pay 3%-4% more for service

Groot gets contract to collect garbage in the city

Groot Industries, the solid waste hauler for the village of Oswego, is asking its customers in the village who are experiencing COVID-19 coronavirus symptoms to first bag and then toss their recyclables in the trash.

YORKVILLE – Most Yorkville households will soon see a 3% or a 4% increase on their city bill for trash collection, depending on what size garbage tote they put out on the curb each week.

Residents also will see a different name on the garbage trucks rumbling up and down city streets this spring.

Waste hauler Groot will be picking up the trash for Yorkville under a new five-year contract effective May 1.

City Administrator Bart Olson said Groot had the lower bid for the contract compared with the current hauler Waste Management.

Under the new contract, the monthly fee will be $18.79 per month for households using a 65-gallon tote and $18.99 for a 96-gallon bin. Currently, residents pay $18.21 per month regardless of which of the two sizes they use, resulting in the 3% increase for the 65-gallon totes and the 4% increase for the 96-gallon containers.

Included in the collection is standard recycling service and the continuation of a special electronics recycling pick-up that has proved to be very popular with residents.

The Groot contract also includes the collection of one bulk item of less than 50 pounds per week.

For senior citizens, who are eligible to receive 35-gallon totes, the cost will increase by 20 cents to $17.81 per month.

The Yorkville City Council approved the new contract on Olson’s recommendation at the Jan. 11 meeting.

What the new contract will not include is household hazardous waste, such as paint, oil, car batteries, pesticides, fertilizers and aerosol cans.

City officials had sought to add household hazardous waste to the line-up of collection services, but Groot did not include this service in its bid, Olson said.

The contract does continue a yard waste and organic composing program starting in April and running through the first full week of December.

Yard waste materials are to be placed in “Kraft” paper bags or bundled and tied in biodegradable twine for curbside pickup, Olson said.

Meanwhile, oversized or overweight items and white goods, such as large appliances, require scheduling for pickup, and at an additional fee, Olson said.Curbside Christmas tree collection will be provided during the first and second full weeks in January each year, he said.

Mark Foster

Mark Foster is a reporter for Kendall County Now, covering local government in Kendall County