Oswego High School student arrested on felony charge in ‘perceived threat of violence’ incident

Oswego High School, 4250 Route 71, Oswego

Oswego police arrested a juvenile student at Oswego High School Tuesday, Jan. 24, in connection with what they described as a “perceived threat of violence.”

In a statement, police said the Kendall County State’s Attorney’s Office has charged the male student with felony disorderly conduct and he was transported to the Juvenile Justice Center in St. Charles.

Police began their investigation that led to the student’s arrest about 9:30 a.m. when they were notified by school officials about a document created by a student that contained a targeted list of names.

Police said they immediately identified the student and made certain all students and staff at the school were safe.

During their investigation, police said they found a list of names and the student was taken into custody. They conducted a thorough investigation and believe there is no immediate threat of danger to students, staff or the school.

Police said they take all reports of student safety seriously and are dedicated to ensuring they are handled swiftly and appropriately.