April 2022 Kendall County Building Permits

April 2022 building permits issued

April 4, driveway, Lorena Gutierrez, Jose De Jesus and Refugio Alvarez, 12830 Ashley Road, Newark

April 12, deck, Theodore Hofmeister, 57 E. Rickard Drive, Oswego

April 12, driveway, Nathan Smith, 3725 Wolf Road, Oswego

April 12, solar, Michael and Erin Anderson, 132 Riverside Drive, Yorkville

April 12, solar, Anthony and Laura Houle, 44 Parkway Drive, Yorkville

April 12, solar, Richard and Peggy Lamphere, 47 Fieldpoint Road, Montgomery

April 19, house, Zachary Sladek, 7 Timber View Lane, Yorkville

April 14, house, McCue Builders Inc., 9250 Chatham Place, Newark

April 20, addition, Kenneth and Natalie Brummel, 6143 Savanna Court, Yorkville

April 19, commercial MZone, John and Laura Gay, 3601 Plainfield Road, Oswego

April 19, farm building, Rcube Farms LLC, 1910 Route 52, Minooka

April 19, farm building, James and Kathy Porter, 13410 C Hale Road, Plano

April 14, swimming pool, Todd and Lisa Dempsey, 16 Hillview Court, Yorkville

April 19, swimming pool, Jody Plywaczynski, 15 Iroquois Court, Oswego

April 19, deck, Thomas Smith, 8102 Shadow Creek Lane, Yorkville

April 19, patio, Gustavo Gonzalez and Adriana Hernandez, 38 N. Bereman Road, Montgomery

April 20, solar, Kari Harris, 8520 Van Emmon Road, Yorkville

April 20, solar, Curtis Lippold, 22 Gastville St., Aurora

April 20, solar, Maxwell Gilbert, 17 Scarsdale Road, Montgomery

April 20, solar, Gumesindo and Diana Nunez, 116 Circle Drive, Montgomery

April 28, house, John and Christine Hardy, 6200 Whitetail Ridge Court, Yorkville

April 22, accessory building, Eric and Laura Light, 15540 Miller Road, Plano

April 29, accessory building, David and Meghan Jones, 15 N. Royal Oaks Drive, Bristol

April 29, accessory building, Gregory Briney, 67 W. Larkspur Lane, Bristol

April 21, accessory building, Jeffrey and Tracey Niles, 216 Kinsel St., Plano

April 29, addition, Jose and Adriana Guzman, 83 S. Linden Drive, Plano

April 27, remodel, Matthew and Audra Kantor, 40 Meyer Road, Plano

April 29, commercial M-zone, Utility Dynamics Corporation, 5327 Light Road, Oswego

April 27, swimming pool, Joseph Renzetti, 6 Dolphin Court, Oswego

April 21, swimming pool, Joshua and Megan Blomberg, 361 Emily Court, Yorkville

April 29, demolition, DTG Investments LLC, 3485 Route 126, Oswego

April 29, solar, Johnny Wilson, 43 Codorus Road, Montgomery