Yorkville police rescue ducklings from sewer

YORKVILLE – A group of ducklings were reunited with their mother through the efforts of three Yorkville police officers.

Police rescued several of the small waterfowl from a storm sewer drain mid-morning on May 5 in a parking lot in the Yorkville Marketplace shopping center near the Starbucks Coffee.

Community Service Officer Alex Wrobel received a call advising that a grown duck in the parking lot was seen to be acting peculiarly.

“She was very distressed,” Wrobel observed upon arrival, while speaking with the person who had made the call.

As a CSO, Wrobel wears a uniform but is not a sworn officer. His job is to assist the public. Normally he’s helping motorists locked out of their vehicles or handling some similar task, but this was different.

Wrobel heard something and looked down at an iron manhole grating.

“I could see them swimming around,” Wrobel said of the ducklings.

It appeared the furry ducklings, who Wrobel estimated at no more than 3-months-old, had been following their mother over the sewer grate and fell through the openings.

With help from police Sgt. Chris Hayes and Officer Chris Kuehlem, Wrobel removed the grate and descended into the storm sewer.

The ducks were swimming in a couple feet of water, about eight feet from the surface, Wrobel said.

Using a small net from a fish tank, Wrobel scooped up the ducks one by one and handed them off to his comrades, reuniting them with a grateful mother duck.