When a Senior with Alzheimer’s Says “I Want to Go Home”

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive, very common disease affecting more than 3 million seniors in the United States every year.

The disease impairs memory and damages mental functionality.

One of the common facets of Alzheimer’s is in the form of confusion, and repeated statements and questions.

“I want to go home.”

Many seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s will say this, or something similar, even if they actually are at home. So, what might this mean?

Most often, it’s a way for the senior to express discomfort. Perhaps they are agitated or in some other unrelaxed state. It’s how they say they are tense or anxious. Therefore, responding with reassuring, calm expressions is helpful. Saying things like “okay, we’ll leave soon” or “sure, just as soon as we finish this,” are the kinds of things that are comforting for them to hear.

It may also be a good idea to subtly steer toward a different subject and alter the direction of the conversation. This should help them engage with other, more positive thoughts. Asking questions about the home to which they are referring or bringing up a happy memory are easy ways to distract from the focus on “going home.”

Additionally, when a senior with Alzheimer’s says something like this, they may not be referring to an actual home, but just a sense of home. They want to feel comfortable and relaxed. This is just one of many ways that supportive living communities are helpful, because of the familial and welcoming environments they provide.

These are just a few helpful ways to reassure and comfort our seniors in a supportive living community, where the feeling of “home” they seek is always present.

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