Long-Term Care Costs - Ultimate Financial Risk on Your Future Retirement

The COVID-19 virus crisis has taught us that future long-term care costs are the most significant financial risk on retirement savings. Plus, more people have a full understanding of the consequences long-term health care has on their families.

“Anyone over age 40 knows how their health has changed as they have become older,” said Matt McCann, a nationally known expert on long-term care planning. “Our bodies change, and once we get into our 60s and beyond, many of us will see cognitive declines as well. Whether we like it or not, many of us will need long-term care services.

Long-term care can be needed due to an illness, accident, or the impact of aging. The need for extended care can happen at any age but increases as we get older. The cost of long-term care is expensive nationwide. The cost of care calculator from LTC NEWS can show you the current and future care costs where you live.

Are you prepared for the financial strain of long-term care?

Researchers report that over $800 billion in Long-Term Care Insurance benefits are in force just for the policies sold from 1995 to 2005. These guaranteed tax-free benefits give the policyholder access to their choice of quality care, including in-home care, which most people prefer.

“Even a small policy can deliver big benefits. Federal and state tax incentives are also available for some people and businesses. In 45 states, Partnership Long-Term Care Insurance gives you dollar-for-dollar asset protection as lawmakers looked for ways to help more people get long-term care insurance.

The best time to plan for your future care is in your 40s and 50s. McCann is licensed nationwide and helps people virtually in the safety and comfort of their homes. Clients speak with him on the phone as they view his computer screen remotely.

“The importance of planning is critical. You can easily safeguard income and assets and ease the stress and burdens otherwise placed on your family,” McCann added.

Seeking a qualified and experienced Long-Term Care Insurance specialist to help you is essential since insurance premiums can vary over 100 percent between companies. McCann represents the major insurance companies that offer this product.

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