Total Protection for Future Costs and Burdens of Long-Term Care Available

Fewer and fewer people question the potential risk of long-term health care. COVID-19 has opened up the eyes of many people who either ignored the impact of aging or were in denial that it would ever happen to them.

“It is hard to avoid the news about the virus crisis and the impact it has made, especially for those who are older or had pre-existing health problems,” said Matt McCann, a leading expert on long-term care planning.

“We see the problems long-term care facilities and home care providers have had to address. We can’t avoid having compassion for the families who became caregivers. These are not new problems, but now a spotlight is being shined on the issue,” he continued.

As we age, the need for long-term care increases. Family caregivers face both physical and emotional strain. Paid care services can wipe out savings. Some long-term care situations can go on for a very long time, which can have a devastating impact even on wealthy individuals.

While most Long-Term Care Insurance has a cap on total benefits, a few do offer “unlimited” long-term care benefits. Most people do not need this high level of protection, but for those who have substantial assets, a total asset protection plan makes sense.

“These plans can also include a death benefit or return of premium rider. Either way, you get tax-free long-term care benefits, or your money gets returned after death. If you own a business, your policy can be tax-deductible as well.

McCann recommends researching long-term care planning options with a specialist like himself. He helps people nationwide using his unique process that allows you to view his computer screen on your computer or tablet as you talk with him on the phone. You don’t have to worry about going into an office - everything is safe and convenient.

There are not many Long-Term Care Insurance specialists in the country, but it doesn’t matter where you live to get his help and expertise with his process. He represents the major companies in the industry, making shopping easy.

“The best time to plan is in your 40s or 50s, but no matter, have some plan in place and make getting older easier on your loved ones,” McCann added.

You can find several research tools on his website. Get free and accurate quotes from all the major insurance companies before you retire.

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