Three Things to Know About Camping in the Fall

Camping is a fun and relaxing activity for any time of year. But after the heat of summer passes – and before the icy chill of winter – fall makes for a great time to head outdoors.

Not only is the weather in fall ideal for hiking, building campfires and enjoying warm comfort food, it is simply the most beautiful time to enjoy nature and all its vibrant colors and earthen scents.

Here are some important things to know about camping out during the fall season.

Prepare for the weather

Checking the weather may seem obvious, but it’s even more important as the seasons change. Fall’s moderate temperatures are usually comfortable, but they can change pretty quickly, especially as they lower at night. Make sure to bring the rainfly and an extra tarp to fit your tent to guard against cold breeze and moisture.

Pack extra warm clothing as well. Layers are key to staying warm. You can always remove layers during the day if it’s warm, but they will come in handy at night! Have rain jackets or insulated coats, long-sleeved base layers, gloves, and thick socks at the ready. It’s always best to have cold weather clothing and not need all of it, then to need it and not have it!

Find the right spots and practice campfire safety

If you’re using a traditional campground, first make sure it is still open and operating. Some established grounds close up during the fall – the same goes for some forest service roads – so always know where you’re at. When setting up your tent, try to find a sheltered spot to guard against the elements.

As you build your campfire, create plenty of space away from trees, bushes, or other flammable objects. Use any existing fire rings or pits if they are present. Before leaving, make sure your campfire is completely out and that the ashes are cold before disposing of them in any way. Never leave hot embers behind!

Enjoy nature

No matter where you head out on your camping adventure, take the time to enjoy the gorgeous fall colors and beautiful views of the landscape that only autumn can provide. Even though the days are shorter, fall temperatures mean less insects to deal with, usually smaller crowds at campsites, and ideal weather for a good campfire. There is no time like fall to sit around the fire, making S’mores and other comfort food, and telling ghost stories with your family and friends.

The cooler weather and beautiful colors of fall season makes for a great time to enjoy the outdoors and gather around a good campfire. For more information, visit our website or call 815-849-5209.

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