Left, Right, or Center to Make Money?

There is a great quote from the movie Karate Kid when Mr Miyagi is saying to Daniel “Walk right side. Safe. Walk left side. Safe. Walk middle, sooner or later … squish”. (Spoiler: this isn’t about politics left-right-center, sorry). The idea … is to be all-in, fully committed to a path.

There is a continuous debate between investing in Value stocks or Growth stocks. They have quite different and sometimes opposing performance trends. Some investors believe fully in one and some fully in the other and there are merits to both. Growth stocks tend to include companies that are trying to innovate and evolve the way things are done, to find the next efficiency or the next discovery or the next trinket that the world descends upon. They tend to reinvest profits back into the growth of the company instead of paying the growth out to shareholders. Making money in growth stocks tends to require selling them at a higher price point than when you bought them. This sounds easier than it sometimes is: (1) you have to be willing to sell – to let go – when the stock looks fabulous, (2) you have to “know” that the price is at a peak, and (3) you may have to be willing to pay taxes on the gains if invested in a taxable (non-IRA) account. Psychologically those can be real challenges.

Value stocks often pay profits out to shareholders as dividends. There is sometimes great value in having money in your pocket now instead of waiting for potential growth. Retirees may rely on the dividends to provide stable income, especially with interest rates so low right now.

Invest in Growth stocks, historically fine. Invest in Value stocks, historically fine. Invest in a mix, historically fine. Switch to whichever one is performing better at the time … squish.

By Cammie Humke, Registered Representative at The Humke Group, Inc

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