Combat seasonal depression

Physical distancing measures have been implemented for most of the calendar year, and this long period of isolation combined with the darker winter months can leave you feeling depressed.

Individuals who are 65 years and older have been widely considered the most at risk of developing severe illness from COVID-19, and physical distancing has been a critical measure in the prevention and spread of infection within this age group. This period of isolation can have a negative impact on the mental well-being of seniors, causing feelings of loneliness and depression.

Additionally, seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder that may affect some people at certain times of the year.

Plum Landing Retirement Community in Aurora is focused not only on the physical health of its residents, but also on their mental health. All apartments at Plum Landing have plenty of light and multiple windows with great views of the Fox River and/or park next door. You can even step outside and enjoy those views and get some fresh air from your balcony or patio. Residents also receive daily morning and evening well-being calls that provide peace of mind to residents and their families.

Connecting with others, making time to unwind and taking care of your emotional health and well-being is more important than ever in 2020. Plum Landing offers many opportunities to socialize with others. Even during the pandemic there are small gatherings that are socially distanced so residents can stay connected safely.

Research shows that regular exercise can be helpful as light treatment. Plum Landing’s convenient location next to the park and walking trails makes it easy. You may even find a few residents being led in exercise out on the patio on the nicer days. Spending even small amounts of time outside in the daylight can give you a real mental boost.

According to Don Mangers, Executive Director at Plum Landing, the “most important thing residents can do is stay connected to family and friends, and our staff does whatever we can to help make that possible.”

Being cold makes you more depressed, and studies show that staying warm can also reduce the winter blues by half. Keep your home between 64 and 70 degrees. Plum Landing makes this easy since your heat is included, along with Comcast cable, Wi-Fi, and water.

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