Government Plan for Long-Term Care is Already in Place – Are You Prepared?

Politicians come and go, but the past four administrations have had the same plan when it comes to long-term health care planning.

Unless you have little or no income and assets, the responsibility for long-term care is yours. Yet, according to Matt McCann, a nationally known expert on long-term care planning, the federal government and some states give you only a little help.

The Medicaid program will pay for your future long-term care needs for those who have little or no assets. For everyone else, the federal government provides tax incentives and, in 45 states, the Partnership Long-Term Care Insurance program.

The Partnership program allows a policyholder to shelter part of their estate based on the policy’s total amount of benefits that were paid. In the event you exhaust benefits, you can access the Medicaid benefit even though you have assets.

In addition, if you have a Health Savings Account, you can use the pre-tax money in the account to reimburse yourself the cost of the premium.

“Long-Term Care Insurance is an affordable way to safeguard income and assets as you reduce the stress and burden that otherwise is placed on your family. Caregiving is not an easy task. Paid care is expensive, and getting more expensive every year. Planning is essential so you can enjoy a successful future retirement,” McCann explained.

There are very few Long-Term Care Insurance specialists in the country. McCann is licensed nationwide and represents the major brands in the industry. He can easily and safely provide you with accurate quotes, along with professional recommendations.

McCann uses a unique process that allows you to view his computer screen as you talk to him on the phone from the comfort and safety of your own home. You can shop and compare and reduce the stress of shopping and comparing.

“Premiums vary dramatically between companies, and there are several types of plans available. I help make the whole process safe and easy to give you and your family the peace-of-mind we all want for our families,” McCann said.

McCann says most people purchase plans before age 60 since policies are medically underwritten and priced, in part, on your age and health.

Take advantage of your good health and low premiums by planning now.

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