Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thank you to the city of St. Charles for supporting Tri City Health Partnership


To the Editor:

In a world in which negative reviews, letters and comments are standard practice, it is with a happy heart that I write this to commend the city of St. Charles staff for its support of Tri City Health Partnership’s building construction project.

As an executive director, we wear many hats, but construction management is not typically in the job description. A project of this size is daunting at best. The many city departments that I worked with always treated me with respect, professionalism, friendliness and an eagerness to help. Had it not been for their support, this project would not have been possible.

From applications, inspections, code enforcement, commission presentations, fire, zoning and more, each and every city of St. Charles staff member continually went the extra mile. Not only were all of my questions answered, suggestions offered and resources provided, but oftentimes I received general guidance on the project.

While each department deserves recognition, I am compelled to mention a few who went above and beyond: Rachel Hitzemann with Community Development; Holly Miller, Thomas Medernach, Allen Fennel and Stephen Herra with Building and Code Enforcement; Mike Neumeir with Fire Prevention; Sara Cass and Rich Clark with the St. Charles Police Department; the board of the Historical Preservation Commission; and Mayor Lora Vitek and former Mayor Ray Rogina.

Operating a nonprofit brings its own set of daily challenges and roadblocks. Working so closely with the city of St. Charles removed those obstacles, and I found incredible peace knowing they were in our corner. On behalf of the staff, volunteers and board of directors, we are truly grateful for the city of St. Charles!

Kim Lamansky

Executive director

Tri City Health Partnership