Letters to the Editor

Letter: Batavia’s Depot Pond could be a green space for everyone

As Batavians begin to discuss options for the Depot Pond because of the impending removal of our century-old dam, resident input will be needed to help steer us in the right direction.

In an effort to promote awareness of our discussions, I am writing about what I want to see and look forward to hearing what other residents would like to see.

At the Aug. 3 meeting of the Batavia City Council and the Batavia Park Board, I disagreed with a proposal to eliminate an option that would fill in Depot Pond because I see this option as being able to provide a usable space for all Batavians.

My vision places a green space on the southern end of the pond and an enlarged Peg Bond Center for larger carnivals, festivals, concerts and the like. I see the installation of sand volleyball courts for park district leagues and depressed basketball courts that could be used as an ice rink in the winter providing more consistent ice.

The courts could be used to play roller hockey in the summer as well as roller skating parties put on by Batavia MainStreet and local businesses.

The northern section I would expand on the current elevated walks and let the native plant area take over, essentially creating a Batavia forest preserve. There could be another smaller building between the green space and natural area devoted to park district environmental programming similar to Red Oak Nature Center.

I also would enlarge the current play structure much like West Chicago’s structure at their water park, which is more inclusive.

I envision connecting the Fox River Trail along the west bank of the river, extending from Quarry Beach to Batavia City Hall and Riverain Apartments, and connect via the newly established west bank of the Fox River.

I envision this as something all residents could enjoy and allow them to spend time with their families. This would increase foot traffic for downtown Batavia businesses.

This plan would require long-term planning to implement but my goal is to build a better Batavia that current and future generations can enjoy.

Keenan Miller

Batavia 7th Ward Alderman