Letter: Geneva bullies

To the editor:

Rick Holinger’s “An Open Letter to Bullies” column in the April 29 newspaper hit a nerve.  

One of my children was physically and verbally bullied at Geneva High School in in the 2000s.  He was carried around the locker room repeatedly by his boxers and lifted high in the air.  The adults in charge told us that my son “may have to physically fight back” even though the consequence would be suspension for my son.  

We were shocked by this response, and told our son he was not to fight back. We used these incidents to further teach human decency and how not to treat people.  Most of us try to instill kindness and compassion in our children. To the parents and school officials who think “it’s just part of childhood to tease or bully someone,” it’s not.  

Teach your children to be kind, and I know this one is very difficult for some, teach them that we are all created equally and we all deserve each others’ respect.

Kathy Becht