Letter: Geneva school district has a lot to answer for

Congratulations for publishing an objective, well-written article regarding employee morale within the Geneva Operations and Maintenance Department.

The author clearly establishes that a supervisor “yelling” does not qualify under existing Illinois harassment law. But the bigger question I ask is why is a manager who yells at their employees tolerated?

A good manager sets goals for their employees and holds them accountable to meeting their goals. When an employee is falling short of their goals, a good manager provides additional training or instruction to the employee. If the employee remains unable to meet the documented objectives, then the employer releases the employee. There is no need for yelling, as yelling is a sign of weakness. When permitted, yelling shines a light on the weakness of senior management, specifically Superintendent Kent Mutchler.

Mutchler’s weakness as a leader is on full display at the April 12 Geneva School Board meeting. His dismissal of a student’s concern regarding compliance to high-school mask wearing as “second hand information” portrays a she-said / he said environment which is not conducive to problem solving. He undermines the students’ perspective and his behavior is likely the root cause of the inability of Adam Law, assistant superintendent for human resources, to properly manage Scott Ney.

Mutchler is correct; Geneva parents do expect excellence. Keeping a manager on staff who yells at their employees falls short of that mark.

Richard Ritter