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St. Charles Park District: Spring sports offerings keep kids active

This spring, kids can get into the game with programs at Sportsplex. Partnering with All Star Sports, the St. Charles Park District is providing active opportunities for children ages 6 to 12.

Coach Pitch Baseball League, which takes place weekly April 6 through May 18, will introduce kids to the sport as well as the rules of the game.

“We’re trying to build a foundation and a basic skill set while also making it fun at an age- appropriate level,” said Derek Smith, president and founder of the St. Charles-based coaching organization.

Kids with a range of abilities are welcome as all participants spend their time learning the fundamentals of baseball, including the mechanics of throwing a ball, field play, running bases and batting. Participants will also walk away with more nuanced skills such as the improvement of hand-eye coordination, the footwork necessary for success and the ability to maintain focus throughout the game.

“We talk about the flow, the fact that it’s a slower game,” said Smith, who added that fun drills keep things moving.

The program will also emphasize the various positions in baseball. Every participant will have the chance to learn and play every one.

“I started this company because of my passion for baseball,” Smith said. “The lessons you can take away from this game are unbelievable. Take teamwork for instance. You’re going to be a teammate your whole life—as part of a family, with friends and with co-workers.”

Kids can also opt for Multi-Sports Camp, which takes place March 27 through March 31. Two sections broken out by age—one for kids 6 to 9 and another for those 9 to 12—will showcase soccer, baseball and football.

“This camp can be catered to either indoors or outdoors,” Smith said. “It’s an opportunity to learn the basic skills for each individual sport and how to be a part of a team.”

Participants will learn such mechanics as how to hold a bat and throw a football. The structure and rules of each game will also be covered. Equipment is provided.

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