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Here are the latest numbers of COVID-19 cases in local school districts

Local school districts have COVID-19 dashboards on their websites, which are updated either weekly or daily, depending on the district.

Here’s a look at the most recent case numbers available, by district, as of Monday, Oct 18. Click on the links for each school district for more information:

Kaneland School District 302

COVID-19 cases for week ending Oct. 11Total cases since Aug. 11
Blackberry Elementary19
John Stewart Elementary05
McDole Elementary17
John Shields Elementary013
Harter Middle School331
Kaneland High School032
District Staff members218
District total7118

Batavia Public School District 101

Active Student CasesActive Staff CasesCumulative Student CasesCumulative Staff Cases
Alice Gustafson Elementary0041
Batavia High School10145
Early Childhood0000
Grace McWayne Elementary School0070
H.C. Storm Elementary School0050
Hoover-Wood Elementary School0030
J.B. Nelson Elementary School0000
Louise White Elementary School0010
Rotolo Middle School20130

Geneva School District 304

(Note: Geneva is the only district that lists the number of people in “quarantine and isolation.” This dashboard does not distinguish between student and staff cases.)

Active Cases (Week 9)Q & I (Week 9)
District Office00
Fabyan Elementary00
Geneva High School34
Geneva Middle School North12
Geneva Middle School South02
Harrison Street School01
Heartland Elementary12
Mill Creek Elementary14
Western Avenue School03
Williamsburg Elementary00
District Total618

St. Charles School District 303

Active Cases (reported in last 14 days)Total Student CasesTotal Staff CasesTotal Cumulative Cases since 8/11/21 (student and staff, including active cases)
Anderson Elementary1628
Bell Graham Elementary0617
Corron Elementary112113
Davis Primary0336
Ferson Creek Elementary014014
Fox Ridge EC0202
Haines Building0112
Lincoln Elementary0404
Munhall Elementary210212
Norton Creek Elementary0808
Richmond Intermediate1808
Wasco Elementary1314
Wild Rose Elementary1617
Thompson Middle School114519
Wredling Middle School320121
East High School221324
North High School220222
Facilities/Peck Road0022

Aimee Barrows

Aimee Barrows

Aimee Barrows is the editor of the Kane County Chronicle.