Geneva hosts special meeting to discuss clean energy bills, Prairie State

Special COW set 7 p.m. Monday

GENEVA – Geneva officials set a special meeting of the Committee of the Whole at 7 p.m. Monday for an overview of the city’s electric operations, existing energy portfolio and energy contracts.

Geneva resident William Scown, a member of the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition, had asked the City Council at its April 19 meeting to consider the issues related to various clean energy bills in the General Assembly that call for a transition to 100% renewable energy.

“The Clean Jobs Coalition has been making presentations to the city of Batavia,” Scown had said. “It really gets down to a balance between the cost of transition between now and 2030 when we’re supposed to be entirely all clean energy and then the benefits that happen thereafter. … The future of clean energy, 2030 and onward, is going to be cheaper than the current fossil fuel mix that Geneva, Batavia and others use.”

In 2005, Geneva and other cities invested in Prairie State’s Energy Campus, a coal mine and power plant, as a long-term means of controlling energy costs.

The city has an entitlement share of 35 megawatts in Prairie State Generating Company through the Northern Illinois Municipal Power Agency, according to the city’s website.

The state-of-the- art, 1,600 megawatt coal fired power plant, is located in southern Illinois, 60 miles southeast of St. Louis, according to the website.