Batavia City Council approves 2022 budget

The City Council approved the $135 million budget at Dec. 6 meeting

Downtown Batavia

BATAVIA – The Batavia City Council unanimously voted to approve the 2022 annual city budget during its meeting on Dec. 6. The $135 million budget will not increase taxes for Batavia residents for the fourth year in a row.

“I think this speaks well and illustrates what a great staff of department heads we have in the city of Batavia,” said Mayor Schielke. “They understand their job [and] understand the limitations of how much we can be expected to give them, and who work tirelessly throughout the year to make this work and keep their own budgets within the constraints they’re approved at.”

Council members also unanimously adopted three separate tax levy ordinances covering multiple sectors including fire and police services and pensions, the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund and the city’s “MainStreet” downtown activities program, with the total levy amounting to $8,159,450.

“We are keeping the tax rate essentially the same,” said Alderman Dan Chanzit. “It is unlikely we will be able to deliver budgets in the future at the same tax rate if we’re going to tackle the projects we’re looking at in the strategic plans.”

Chanzit also noted that Batavia’s estimated EAV rose from $1.074 billion to $1.104 billion due to rising property values.

This budget was the first created using ClearGov budgeting software, which was adopted by the Batavia City Council in June.

“On social media there has been a lot of positive comments about how easy it is to navigate the information,” said City Administrator Laura Newman. “Because of the ease of use, this is a demonstration of the city trying to be more transparent in what is contained in the budget.”