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Geneva committee recommends approval of sidewalk cafe liquor licenses, parking agreement

Aldermen expected to approve both at special meeting Monday

The Little Traveler, celebrating its centennial, is home to The Atrium Café in downtown Geneva.

GENEVA – Aldermen unanimously recommended approval this week to amend its liquor code to include sidewalk cafes and an agreement with The Little Traveler for non-restricted parking during its special presentations.

Acting as the Committee of the Whole, the recommendations will go to the full council for final approval at a special meeting 7 p.m. Monday.

Both issues were discussed at a special Committee of the Whole meeting, where staff sought direction as to whether there was support for the issues in order to proceed.

For sidewalk cafes to serve alcoholic beverages on city property will cost an additional $200 as part of an existing liquor license.

Sidewalk cafes are currently legal, but cannot legally serve alcohol. The amendment, which is expected to be approved, will permit serving and consuming alcohol, but via licensing.

Other restrictions include tables may only seat a maximum of two, the furnishings can only be of moveable chairs, tables and decorations, and all must keep a clear zone for the public to pass by unobstructed, according to the proposed amendment.

The agreement with Michael Simon, owner of The Little Traveler, will allow him to provide a parking placard to those who register for special programs so they can park near the store for more than the three-hour limit.

The agreement calls for the store to pay $1.75 per day fee for each placard, the equivalent of the cost of parking in the public parking overflow lot.

The agreement does not reserve the 59 parking spaces, it only allows those attending to stay beyond the three-hour limit without getting a parking ticket or warning.

The agreement extends to 11 programs scheduled from July 8 through Nov. 16.