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Batavia pet store hopes for safe return of stolen parrot

Store owner: ‘The bird can be returned, no questions asked’

This pineapple conure parrot was stolen June 16 from Petland, 401 N. Randall Road, Batavia. Store owner Janet Star said they would accept the bird’s return, no questions asked. She is also offering a $500 reward for information about who has the bird, and for its safe return.

BATAVIA – A Batavia pet store will accept the return of a stolen pineapple conure parrot – no questions asked – as well as offering a $500 reward for information on who took it, and the bird’s safe return.

The theft of this bird – valued at $824.99 – occurred shortly about 5 p.m. June 16 from Petland, 401 N. Randall Road, Batavia.

The bird was just born March 25, so it is very young, Star said.

“It would be nice to get this bird back, especially since he is a baby,” said Petland owner Janet Star. “The bird can be returned, no questions asked.”

Star urged that if anyone knows where this bird is, to call the store at 630-599-8631.

The pineapple conure is a type of small parrot with light yellowish coloring and green and red colors on its chest and tail feathers.

The bird has been hand-fed since birth and is very friendly, she said.

The store has its animals in what are called open petters, so people can pet them, which helps in socializing the pets “and for people when they need a pet fix,” Star said.

According to video surveillance, a young man was in the store, handling the pineapple conure when an employee was distracted, Star said.

Surveillance video from Petland 401 N. Randall Road, Batavia, about 5 p.m. June 16, minutes before the man holding the pineapple conure parrot ran out the door with it. The bird is still a baby, having been born March 25.

“He literally took the bird and ran out the door,” Star said.

The in-store surveillance footage shows a man in a gray sweatshirt with its hoodie up and wearing a face mask holding the bird.

Star said the outdoor surveillance showed the man ran down the strip mall, but it does not show where he went. It also did not appear that there was a vehicle waiting for him.

“He’s a baby,” Star said of the stolen parrot. “We love our babies and want to make sure when they go home, they transition well to their new families. We like to match the right pet with the right customer and all those opportunities to share that information were lost.”