St. Charles School Board celebrates first state title for St. Charles North softball team

St. Charles North High School softball coach Tom Poulin talks to the St. Charles School Board Monday about the team's first state title. Joining him is fellow softball coach Thijs Dennison.

The celebration continued Monday after St. Charles North High School’s win over Marist on Saturday to bring home the Class 4A softball state championship.

The championship was the program’s first-ever state title.

The team was honored during the St. Charles District 303 School Board meeting Monday.

“I want to let you know how proud we are of these group of ladies,” St. Charles North Principal Shanna Lewis said. “I don’t know that I’ve seen a group come together as a team and really define what it means to be a team like they have, so it’s been really awesome to watch all of them and their parents have been so supportive. So we’re just excited to celebrate them tonight.”

St. Charles North High School softball coaches Tom Poulin, left, and Thijs Dennison, right, along with the St. Charles North softball team celebrate the team's first state title during Monday's St. Charles School Board meeting.

St. Charles North coach Tom Poulin said the team has “made us all very, very proud the way they’ve gotten it done.”

“They’ve done it their way,” he said. “They are champions on and off the field. They really are. As good as they are at softball, they’re better people. They are loving teammates and honest with each other. Nobody holds grudges. They help each other and they are true student-athletes. In the classroom they get the job done as well as on the field.”

The St. Charles North softball team on Saturday won its first state title.

Superintendent Jason Pearson congratulated the team on its win.

“You represent our community and our schools very well and we’re so proud of you,” Pearson said. “Thank you for coming tonight and letting us celebrate with you.”