‘It was straight out of a movie’: Local men recognized by Kane County for heroic efforts

Jose Bosque Jr, center, and Jose Bosque III, center left, received official commendations from Sheriff Ron Hain and the Kane County Board Tuesday. Deputy Matt Drab is pictured on the left.

March was a month for heroism in Kane County as three area residents put their safety on the line to assist sheriff’s deputies during two incidents, including one an official described as “straight out of a movie.”

The first incident occurred during an evening traffic stop in Elgin back on March 9. Deputy Matt Drab attempted to pull over a Nissan he said he witnessed make a traffic violation. The car sped away as Drab activated his emergency lights, sparking a chase that resulted in the Nissan crashing.

The driver jumped out of the passenger side door and ran. Drab reported the man began reaching into the waistband of his pants as he fled, eventually tossing a green rag into the air. As the foot chase continued, the man again reached toward the waistband of his pants. Drab responded by warning the man he would use a Taser on him. The man did not respond, and Drab fired his Taser into the man’s back.

It only temporarily incapacitated the man, who soon began a physical struggle with Drab. Drab fired his Taser again, this time into the man’s right hip. At that point, the man, according to a sheriff’s department description of the encounter, attempted to take the Taser from Drab. The attempt was unsuccessful, but Drab suffered injuries to his hand and shoulder during the struggle.

Jose Bosque Jr., a well-known local community member, and his son, who is also named Jose, saw Drab struggling with the man and ran over to help the deputy. They held the man down while Drab placed handcuffs on the man.

The description says the man complained about not being able to breathe. At that point, Drab noticed his body camera had become dislodged during the struggle and was lying on the ground. Drab instructed the younger Jose Bosque to get the camera and record everything happening.

The Bosques received official commendations from Sheriff Ron Hain and the Kane County Board Tuesday.

But they weren’t alone.

During the evening of March 29, Kane County sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene of an accident at Route 25 and Dunham Road. Upon arrival, Deputy Ryan Reichardt found a Silver Chevy Silverado flipped upside down after striking a utility pole. Live wires from the downed utility pole surrounded the truck and caused the vehicle and nearby brush to catch fire.

The driver’s legs were visibly handing out of the front passenger side window of the truck. That’s when Michael J. Curtis, a ComEd line worker happened on the scene. He assisted Reichardt and Deputy Steven Turcios in safely removing the driver from the burning truck while avoiding the wires.

ComEd line worker Michael Curtis was recognized Tuesday by Sheriff Ron Hain, left, and the Kane County Board.

“It was straight out of a movie,” Hain said in describing the incident to the county board.

The driver was eventually transported to Loyola Medical Hospital for emergency surgery to treat a hematoma and bleeding aorta.

For his efforts, Curtis also received a citation commending him for his bravery and lifesaving efforts Tuesday.

None of the award recipients spoke during the recognition ceremony. But Kane County Board Chair Corinne Pierog said everyone in the room was in the presence of true local heroes.

“May we all do wonderful things in the time of crisis,” Pierog said. “We forget ourselves, and we act for the benefit of mankind, which is quite remarkable.”