Kaneland School District receives financial projection update

MAPLE PARK – The Kaneland School District 302 Board of Education received an updated five-year financial projection presentation that included $1 million in proposed reductions based on previous requests made by the board in November.

Recommended reductions include transportation, technology and capital projects. Regarding transportation, instead of the district ordering five new school buses for the 2021-22 school year, it instead could order two for an expected savings of about $250,000.

Other budget reductions include $100,000 in new curriculum; $100,000 in technology; $250,000 in capital projects; and teacher laptop replacement plans pushed back to 2023 and 2024 to save $225,000.

The full list can be viewed below.

Including $1 million in reductions and modified expense projections for COVID-19-related costs, the projected deficit for fiscal year 2022 would be about $1.85 million.

Dr. Julie-Ann Fuchs, Kaneland’s associate superintendent, projects COVID-19-related costs to total about $848,000.

Fuchs also ran projections that excluded COVID-19-related expenses, and the deficit in 2022 would be about $532,000.

“At this point, with and without COVID, we have a projected deficit. I would call it somewhere between half a million and $1.8 million that we can manage and continue to work to shrink the gap,” Fuchs said.

“I do believe the $1 million in reductions is necessary and important,” Fuchs continued. “With regard to COVID ... I bet it’ll be somewhere in between. I don’t think it’ll be nothing, but hopefully we won’t need everything we have now. I believe after next year we can more easily balance the budget moving forward.”

The district expects to receive unspecified federal funds. Fuchs said the district has an estimated allocation of slightly more than $500,000. Based on initial thoughts for that funding, Fuchs offered potentially using it for needs pertaining to the current school year “to make sure that all kids are caught up and have appropriate learning [needs met].”

The board also unanimously approved an interim district special education coordinator. The position needed to be filled because the staff member is going on maternity leave.

Jacob Bartelson

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