Last suspect in La Salle robbery avoids prison

La Salle man enters blind plea


The last suspect in a 2021 robbery in La Salle, during which knives were brandished, was sentenced Friday to four years of probation.

Josue Bustos, 40, of La Salle, had entered a blind plea in La Salle County Circuit Court to one count of robbery, a Class 2 felony carrying up to seven years in prison, for making an unlawful entry Sept. 28, 2021, into a residence in the 500 block of Gooding Street. There, the assailants demanded cash but left only with the victim’s cellphone.

When offered a chance to speak, Bustos apologized to Judge Cynthia M. Raccuglia and said he was acting under the influence of alcohol.

“I wish that I could take that back,” Bustos said. “I’m sorry for what I did.”

Raccuglia was persuaded by his show of remorse and said she believed the break-in was “an isolated incident.” She rejected the state’s request for four years in prison.

The judge did, however, order a drug and alcohol evaluation and required Bustos to adhere to any findings.

Three others were previously sentenced after the break-in – one received eight years in prison – which arose from a dispute for more than a $30 debt.