List of Northwest Herald area senior football players and their college choices

Jacobs’ Nick True runs for a touchdown after catching a pass during a Fox Valley Conference football game Friday, Aug. 26, 2022, between Crystal Lake South and Jacobs at Crystal Lake South High School.

Wednesday marked the start of the NCAA regular signing period for players who will attend NCAA Division I or II scholarship schools. This is a list of local senior players who either signed in the early period in December or are signing this week. Players from all levels are listed here. Names will be added to this list as they are received.

Player, SchoolCollegeLevel
Eric Bower, HuntleyButlerD-I (FCS)
Antonio Brown, JacobsBemidji State (Minn.)D-II
Dom Caruso, McHenryNorth CentralD-III
Dylan Christopherson, JacobsRose HulmanD-III
Nate Compere, Crystal Lake SouthLindenwood (Mo.)D-I (FCS)
Sam Deligio, HuntleyNorth CentralD-III
Robbie Gall, Burlington CentralMcKendreeD-II
Payton Grannis, HuntleyAugustana College (IL)D-III
Evan Griffiths, McHenryCarroll UniversityD-III
Luke Griskey, HuntleySan Jose StateD-I
Declan Hannigan Jackson, CL SouthIllinois CollegeD-III
John Herff, Marian CentralLorasD-III
Josh Holst-*, MarengoNorthern IllinoisD-I
Dino Hunt, JacobsAugustana College (IL)D-III
Aiden Johnson, WoodstockNorth CentralD-III
Ty Juergensen, McHenrySt. NorbertD-III
Jared Kniola, WoodstockCarrollD-III
Kyle Koziel, JacobsAugustana College (IL)D-III
Joey Leibrandt, MarengoRooseveltNAIA
Noah Maurer, WoodstockAugustana College (IL)D-III
Jake Metze, JohnsburgDrakeD-I (FCS)
Johnny Miles, Cary-GroveCarrollD-III
Eli Nothdorf, McHenryWisconsin-OshkoshD-III
Nick Nuno, Burlington CentralWisconsin-PlattevilleD-III
Keegan Otte, Dundee-CrownIndianapolisD-II
Juan Perez, JacobsCarrollD-III
Will Seibert, JacobsJohns HopkinsD-III
Kyle Skrzypczynski, CL SouthIllinois CollegeD-III
Frank Smiesko, McHenryWisconsin-OshkoshD-III
Nick True-*, JacobsIllinoisD-I
Jake Welch, JohnsburgNorthern IllinoisD-I
Ben Wiley, HuntleyWisconsin-PlattevilleD-III
*-Preferred walk-on.