FND Team of the Week MVP: Prairie Ridge’s Nathan Greetham

Greetham won MVP by 13 votes

CRYSTAL LAKE — Prairie Ridge fullback Nathan Greetham did a good portion of his work on Friday night in the first quarter.

Greetham had 200 rushing yards and three touchdowns in the first quarter of the Wolves’ 56-21 victory over Crystal Lake South. He finished with 15 carries for 243 yards and was voted as the Team of the Week MVP.

In one of the closest votes for Team of the Week MVP, Greetham won by 13 votes.

The victory lifted the Wolves to 6-2 in the Fox Valley Conference and will help them get a higher seed in the Class 6A playoff bracket when it is announced Saturday night.

Greetham took a little time to answer some questions from Northwest Herald sports writer Joe Stevenson.

What do you remember most about Friday’s performance?

Greetham: “I remember just seeing my mom, dad and sister, who are my biggest supporters, and getting to hug them after the game.”

If you could celebrate touchdowns in high school like the NFL, what would you do with your teammates after you scored?

Greetham: “I’d probably do ‘The Griddy’ if I could celebrate, or maybe high five with Zach (Bentsen) and Tyler (Vasey) in the end zone.”

What would be your dream job?

Greetham: “I’d love to do something with business and entrepreneurship. And maybe even owning my own gym would be sweet too.”

Who are some NFL running backs you most enjoy watching?

Greetham: “Retired guys I love watching are Larry Csonka and Walter Payton. Current guys would have to be Derrick Henry and Christian McCaffrey.”

Who had the most influence on your football career?

Greetham: “My dad (Don) had the most influence on me because he just really used football when I was in the Junior Wolves to help me become a better man outside of football. And same with all the coaches in the junior league. They used football to help teach me the principles of being a good player on and off the field.”

What is a sport you don’t play that you would be good at?

Greetham: “Swimming because I grew up in Florida where everyone had a pool. And then when we moved we were fortunate to have a pool too.”

What are good words to live by?

Greetham: “(Offensive coordinator) Joe Terhaar tells us a lot about ‘never die easy.’ It’s a quote to live by each play in the game and in practice.”

What is your favorite wild animal?

Greetham: “Ligers. They’re half lion, half tiger and it’s cool that that kind of animal exists.”

Who were some of your favorite Wolves you watched when you were growing up?

Greetham: “I loved watching Jackson Willis, Samson Evans and Manny Ebirim when I was growing up. Those guys knew how to run and just they got the job done. Jackson and Manny are around my height and just seeing them who have the same height as me be able to have success in football was something I really tried to aspire to be when I play.”

What is something funny that happened during a game this season?

Greetham: “It wasn’t during a game, but during pre-practice I challenged a running back to a 1-on-1. He thought he could easily guard me and I proceeded to break his ankle on a hitch-and-go.”