Fulton defense holds off Forreston in NUIC clash

Fulton's Keegan VanKampen wraps up Forreston's Logan Dyson for a loss.
Fulton's Cole Schipper tackles Forreston's Kaleb Sanders.
Fulton's Jacob Jones gets a handoff from quarterback
Forreston's Matthew Betran deflects a pass in the endzone that is then caught by Noah Johnson.
Forreston's Noah Johnson catches a deflection by Matthew Betran in Fulton's endzone.
Fulton's Brock Mason makes a crucial catch along the sideline.
Fulton's Keegan VanKampen keeps his balance and gains a yards as Forreston's Peyton Encheff reaches for the tackle.
Fulton's Endi Quanaj plants to kick a field goal as Brayden Dykstra holds.
Forreston's Jacob Fiorello protects the ball as he runs against Fulton.