Team of the Week MVP: Hampshire QB Tyler Fikis

Hampshire quarterback Tyler Fikis started a collection of championship belts on Tuesday.

Fikis became the first player to win Team of the Week MVP for a second time when he picked up 493 votes, 174 more than any other player. The Team of the Week is sponsored by SGKR Injury Attorneys.

This is the third season that has handed out the weekly belts.

Fikis ran for 139 yards and three touchdowns, and threw for 179 yards and two touchdowns as the Whip-Purs defeated Crystal Lake Central in their Fox Valley Conference game on Friday.

Fikis took a few minutes to answer some questions from Northwest Herald sports writer Joe Stevenson.

What do you remember most about you and your team’s performance last week?

Fikis: The biggest thing I remember is the energy and fire that the entire team brought last week. Everyone was extremely hungry to get revenge for our homecoming game against Central two years ago, and it showed on the field.

What is a sport you don’t play that you would be good at?

Fikis: I think I would be good at volleyball. My friends and I always find courts and play just for fun, even in the pool sometimes, and we always wonder how good we would be if we were an actual team.

What is a song or artist on your playlist that would surprise people?

Fikis: Pearl Jam is one of the most listened-to artists in my playlist. I. don’t play my music for other people very often because I listen to a lot of older ‘80s and ‘90s stuff that most people aren’t into, so I’m sure people would be caught off-guard.

Which of your teammates really inspires you?

Fikis: Devin Yeats inspires me due to his tenacity and desire to win every game. He plays through anything and puts everything on the line to catch every pass and make plays for our team.

What is one of your biggest pet peeves?

Fikis: When people voluntarily sleep with socks on. I like my feet to be free and cold when I sleep or else I get too hot and uncomfortable.

What is your favorite class?

Fikis: At the moment it is physics because it involves a lot of math-related concepts that apply to how things work in the real world. We also get to use a ton of interesting gadgets for our labs.

What is your favorite wild animal?

Fikis: It’s penguins because they act so much like humans. My friend and I watched a bunch of penguins at the zoo once and started narrating everything they did because it looked like they had some drama going on.

Who are three NFL players you really love to watch?

Fikis: Tom Brady, DeAndre Hopkins and Alvin Kamara. Brady just constantly plays at the highest level despite his age, while Hopkins makes unbelievable catches and Kamara weaves through defenses almost effortlessly.

You have first pick in your NFL fantasy league, who are you taking?

Fikis: If I had first pick I likely would take Christian McCaffrey, as he’s the clear No. 1 option and is very consistent, but I would want to pick Alvin Kamara solely because he scored six touchdowns in my championship game and won me $100 last season.

What are three of your favorite non-sports movies?

Fikis: Three of my favorites are “The Breakfast Club,” “Good Will Hunting” and “Dumb and Dumber.” All of them are classics with great actors and actresses, and they all incorporate some humor.

Joe Stevenson

Joe Stevenson

I have worked at the Northwest Herald since January of 1989, covering everything from high school to professional sports. I mainly cover high school sports now.