Q&A with Friday Night Drive Team of the Week MVP Tyler Fikis from Hampshire

Hampshire sophomore quarterback Tyler Fikis is the FridayNightDrive.com Team of the Week MVP, bringing the title belt to the Fox Valley Conference in back-to-back weeks.

Fikis earned the most votes for the week with 587; Sterling offensive lineman Ryan Heffelflinger got 513 votes from readers.

Last week, Crystal Lake Central linebacker Nico Acevedo was Team of the Week MVP.

Also voted to the Team of the Week from the McHenry County area were McHenry wide receiver Adam Benton, Cary-Grove linebacker Arik Mistak, McHenry defensive back Kyle Kaempf and Marengo defensive back Mitch Kunde.

Fikis was 6-of-7 passing for 220 yards and three touchdowns, and ran 10 times for 118 yards and two touchdowns as the Whip-Purs beat Crystal Lake South, 41-20, in their FVC game.

Fikis took a few minutes to answer some questions from Northwest Herald sports writer Joe Stevenson.

Is there any significance to wearing No. 10?

Fikis: There is no real significance to wearing No. 10, as my usual go-to number is 5. The two jerseys that fit me the best were 10 and 12, but I refused to wear 12 because I had a season-ending injury wearing 12 as a freshman and now I see it as bad luck.

Who had the biggest impact on you as a quarterback?

Fikis: My favorite quarterback to watch for my entire life has been Tom Brady, so I would say that watching him has impacted me the most. Watching him succeed year after year despite everyone doubting him is something that I want to be able to do.

If a sub shop named a sandwich after you, what would it be called and what would be on it?

Fikis: I would call the sandwich Silent but Deadly and it would have the contents of a regular sandwich, like turkey, cheese, etc. It would also have some hot peppers hidden inside. I’m usually a pretty quiet person until I am in a game scenario, when I have a ton of adrenaline and energy, so this is the best representation of my personality.

What is the last really good book you read?

Fikis: “The Hunger Games” series. I usually don’t read for fun, but I was assigned to read “The Hunger Games” during my English class and ended up reading all of the books within a week or two. They were very easy to get into and I read them faster than I’ve ever read anything before.

Who is the funniest player on your team?

Fikis: I honestly think the entire team has a great sense of humor, but the teammate who makes me laugh the most is Avery James, who plays offensive and defensive line. He is very animated with everything he does on the field and gets fired up very easily, so it’s funny to watch him do ridiculous celebrations and fly around the field.

What would be your dream job?

Fikis: I don’t really know what I want to do for a career, but a dream job of mine would involve traveling all around the world. I think that it would be really cool to be able to visit some of the largest cities and most exotic places all as a part of my profession.

If you could hang with any celebrity for a day, who would it be?

Fikis: If I could hang with a celebrity for a day, it would be Taylor Swift. I’m not a huge fan of more recent music, I usually listen to 60s/70s/80s rock, but Taylor Swift is the one modern artist whose songs I enjoy listening too. She seems like a really cool person to be around, and I’ve just been a fan of her for a long time.

What sport are you just not good at?

Fikis: Soccer. I have never played soccer, and a big reason is that I’m not very good at it. I’ve played it in gym classes a few times, and my feet always get tangled up. I also am not very interested in the sport, which may be why I’ve never tried to get better.

If you could celebrate touchdowns in high school, what would you and your teammates do?

Fikis: If we could celebrate touchdowns in high school, my go-to celebration would be a Gronk spike. It’s very simple, but also exciting. As a team, I feel like we could come up with some pretty funny dances or skits to celebrate touchdowns like some teams do in the NFL. For example, we might have the scoring player roll a fake bowling ball and everyone else would fall like pins.

What are three of your favorite sports movies?

Fikis: Three of my favorite sports movies are “Remember the Titans,” “The Blind Side” and “Happy Gilmore.” “Remember the Titans” is a classic and is very realistic. “The Blind Side” is a great story about a kid who came from difficult beginnings and “Happy Gilmore” is very funny and more lighthearted than the others.

Joe Stevenson

I have worked at the Northwest Herald since January of 1989, covering everything from high school to professional sports. I mainly cover high school sports now.