Lincoln-Way East QB Braden Tischer determined to eliminate the doubters

Immeasurables outweigh the measurables for Griffins QB

Lincoln-Way East’s Braden Tischer looks to pass against Lockport during the 2022 season.

Lincoln-Way East quarterback Braden Tischer has demonstrated time and time again he’s more than capable of making the throws necessary to keep his team moving down the field.

But despite throwing for over 2,000 yards as a junior with 21 touchdowns and adding nearly another 500 yards rushing, including a 99-yard touchdown run in a playoff game, some are still dubious that Tischer can duplicate those numbers at the next level.

That’s because Tischer’s measurables, that have him coming in at a touch under 6-feet tall, don’t fit the conventional mold of what most collegiate programs look for in their signal-caller.

Tischer is aware of those concerns, but is dead set on convincing people they should look past such conventions.

“I’m just trying to show people that I could throw, like, anywhere on the field,” Tischer said. “And no matter my size, I can achieve and throw to any spot and to where receivers are to catch it, and I help them out, showing that I can throw people open and all of that stuff.”

Exposure camps, such as the recent Edgy Tim Underclassmen Showcase, can be a little frustrating for Tischer as he tries to make his mark against others who might have him beat in measurables but not in actual productivity on the field.

“I’m just trying to see the competition that I’m going against, and also just trying to make myself better and going up against other kids that are out in the state and to see where I kind of fit in around that for recruiting purposes,” Tischer said. “I’m trying find maybe a little exposure for myself to get recruited.”

The event also leads to a fair amount of self reflection. It’s an exercise with which Tischer has become very familiar.

“I have great coaches that always helped me out, but then I go home and have time alone and I’ve got to look over stuff myself to make myself better,” Tischer said.

The relentlessness that Tischer approaches his craft with has not been lost on his coach.

“I’ll go to battle with that kid, anytime, anywhere,” Lincoln-Way East coach Rob Zvonar said. “People get caught up in measurables, and in some ways I understand it, but that’s a kid that is going to figure out how to make a play for you when you need it.

“We’re very excited we’ve got him for another year.”

Tischer will enter his senior season expected to lead his team with a significantly different personnel group surrounding him than the one that fell just short of capturing a state title. The Griffins fell to Loyola in the Class 8A state championship. But whomever lines up around Tischer in the quest to get back to the title game next fall, he’s got confidence in.

“Well, we work hard in the offseason,” Tischer said. “So I trust anyone who’s out there, in that our coaches aren’t going to put someone out there who’s not ready to be out there. So anyone that comes in, then steps up to have opportunity to play on the field, they always do a great job.

“It is a full trust in your teammates around you. I’m not like. ‘Oh, this guy here’s a little weaker, and I don’t trust him. So I’m gonna be careful.’ I just believe everyone that gets on the field for us is always, like, strong, and we trust him.”

And the end goal has not changed in the slightest.

“The goal is to go out there with my teammates and go do it again,” Tischer said. “But this time, win it.”