Friday Night Drive

Connor Scott keeping his brother’s legacy alive

Cameron Lemons (left) and Connor Scott run drills during Tuesday's football practice at Bourquin Field in Manlius.

Connor Scott plays football hard.

As a sophomore, he was the leading tackler for Bureau Valley and is expected to be the Storm’s top defender again this fall.

He plays football a lot like another recent Storm standout – his brother, Garrett.

Garrett was a four-year football player for the Storm, graduating in 2019.

Garrett, like Connor, was a hard-nosed linebacker and guard for the Storm.

Tragically, Garrett was killed in a two-vehicle accident June 22. He was just 20 years old.

It is with a heavy heart that Connor takes the field this fall that his brother graced before him.

“There’s no words for it. There’s nothing you can do but keep going. Same with my parents,” said Connor, who works with his dad every day at their family furniture store, Spoon River Rustic Furniture.

Connor said he feels his brother’s presence a little bit now in practice but is sure he will more when games start.

He said he wants to carry on his legacy every time he plays.

The similarities between the Scott brothers are striking, right down to the No. 50 uniform.

“We play the same positions, [have the] same mentality in the sport, I think. He was stronger than me,” Connor said.

“I wasn’t fortunate to coach Garrett, but all the coaches that were around him talk about how tough he was when they describe him. That pretty much epitomizes what Connor is,” Storm coach Mat Pistole said. “And so I know if I would have had the chance I would have loved to be around Garrett and would have loved to coach him, that’s for sure.”

One coach who’s coached both Scott brothers is longtime Storm assistant Craig Johnson.

“Both are hard-nosed very hard workers. Do anything you ask of them,” Johnson said. “Both great young men.”

Pistole feels for the Scott family.

“It breaks your heart,” he said. “Unfortunately, we’ve dealt with that more than I ever wished upon anyone. The resiliency of these kids and what they’ve had to deal with the last three years is unbelievable. Our prayers are with Connor and his family, and I think this is a little bit of an outlet for him. He knows his brother wants him to be out here, so that helps.”

Pistole said Connor already is motivated when it comes to playing football but is sure he’ll be a little more inspired this fall.

“Connor loves to play. I don’t think he needs much more motivation,” he said. “I think he knows his brother would want to see him go out there and succeed and do something special this year. Connor has that in him to do that.

Connor said if his brother would be able to tell him anything it would be, “keep going, be strong.”

That’s the only way Connor and Garrett Scott know how to play football.

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