The Perfect Match

D & D Jewelers - The Perfect Match

Your engagement ring is perfect. So, your wedding or anniversary band should be a perfect match for your ring. D&D Jeweler’s high standards of quality and wide variety of options ensure that we can find a band that complements your ring.

Matching a ring is more than just getting the right size. We ensure that thickness, width, setting style, contour, color, and quality all correspond.

If you purchased your engagement ring from D&D Jewelers, we likely have the exact item on file. Often, our rings already have a matching wedding band. If this is the case, finding a perfect match is as simple as stopping by and placing an order.

If you purchased your ring elsewhere, a long time ago, or it doesn’t come as a set, we still have several avenues available. We offer over 15 contour bands with 4 setting styles each, all available in various metals and widths. If your ring has more intricate detailing, or needs a specially shaped band, you can consult our designer. She works with our custom shop to make rings that looked like a set all along.

Matching an engagement ring to the wedding band is important. But why only match those two? Matching one more band, designed to fit on the other side of the engagement ring, makes an excellent anniversary, birthday, or holiday present. We can even match the styling of the engagement ring to a fashion ring worn on the right hand to give the look a continuous feel. Furthermore, we could match stone color and quality to earrings or a pendant for an elegant, cohesive style.

A hallmark of class is a well matched set. Doesn’t your engagement ring deserve a perfect companion too?

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