Jewelry to Last a Lifetime

D&D Jewelers - Jewelry to Last a Lifetime

From everyday trinkets to special occasion stunners you deserve the most from your jewelry. Ensuring that each piece remains in good condition allows you to hand pieces down, making statements across generations. Therefore, it is important to regularly inspect jewelry to combat general wear and prevent a small problem from becoming a large one. D&D Jewelers in Sycamore always inspects jewelry for free; our staff check prongs, shank thickness, and more. It is recommended to inspect pieces worn daily at least twice a year. A good reminder is the biannual time change.

Even the best kept jewelry eventually needs repair. From a new head on a ring to a new chain for a pendant, quotes and options are available at no charge from D&D Jewelers. Our onsite goldsmith performs many repairs in-house; for other jobs we work closely with several trusted shops.

For a completely stress-free experience D&D Jewelers is proud to offer a lifetime care plan through Jeweler’s Mutual Group on merchandise purchased from us. This covers ring resizing, rhodium plating, cracked band, polishing, worn prongs, chipped stones, and more.

D&D Jeweler’s also recommends having your most important pieces insured. We are proud to offer insurance appraisals completed by our own GIA Certified Gemologist. Insuring your jewelry can protect against loss, theft, and may cover more depending on your policy.

Keeping your jewelry perfect involves more than just repairs. Come see the professionals at D&D Jewelers to help your jewelry last more than a lifetime.

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