Worth Its Weight In Gold: Selling Gold & Silver

D & D Jewelers

Gold and silver have been recognized as stores of value for thousands of years. However, converting your metals into spendable money is not always so easy. That’s where D&D Jewelers in Sycamore helps to make the process simple, fair, and reliable.

Knowing the value of a gold or silver item is not as simple as knowing what the current gold or silver price per ounce is. Different pieces of gold and silver—whether jewelry, cutlery, decorations, or something else—all have different levels of purity. Most gold items are not made of pure, 24 karats, gold because it is very soft. Gold is often mixed with nickel, copper, zinc, or other metals to achieve its different hues. For gold, this purity is known as karatage. 24 karat, or 24K, gold is pure gold, or 100% gold. The karatage indicates what part of that item is gold: 14K gold would be 14/24ths gold or about 58.5%. We see 10K,14K, and 18K most commonly in the United States.

Knowing how much gold or silver is in an item is not the end of the story. Being able to melt each item and extract the exact percentage of precious metals in each item takes time and energy. As such, when valuing gold or silver items considerations are made for these processes as well.

D&D Jewelers does all the calculations for you and makes this process easier by simplifying these steps to give you the best value for your item or items. They even offer a premium when you trade-in toward their merchandise or for a store credit.