How to Restore Order After the Holidays

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Does your home ever feel out of balance when the holidays come to an end? Suddenly your once joyous Christmas tree is dropping pine needles, pieces of wrapping paper are stuck under your couch, and your tabletops are smudged.

Cleaning up after the holidays is a big undertaking, so set yourself up for success in the New Year by following our guide for restoring order after the holidays!

Taking Down Decor the Right Way

  • Dust before you pack. Ornaments, faux wreaths, and other holiday knick-knacks can gather a surprising amount of dust when on display for the month. Before you box everything up, give it a good dusting first.
  • Organize your boxes. Taking down decorations isn’t the highlight of the holiday season. But before you throw loose decorations into a box think about how you’ll feel opening these boxes again at the end of the year. Put small decorations in a lockable storage bag and bigger decorations in their own containers.
  • Pack up by room. Are you someone who’s Christmas spirit can’t be confined to just the living room? If you decorate most rooms in your home, pack and label boxes according to which room they belong to.

Clean Carpets and Spot Clean Couches

Food, drinks, dirt, rock salt — there’s no shortage of things that can find their way onto your carpet or on your couches during the holidays. Now is a good time to schedule a carpet cleaning or follow your manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and spot clean your sofa.

Prepare the Guest Room For Your Next Visitor

  • Check to make sure nothing was left behind.
  • Wash sheets and pillowcases right away.
  • Dust and vacuum the room, clean guest bathroom thoroughly as well.

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