Custom Jewelry: What Can We Do For You?

Anything! Well, almost anything. At the end of the day jewelers are still governed by the laws of physics. But if it’s possible, D&D Jewelers probably know someone who can get it done. If that means creating a perfectly matching band to an heirloom engagement ring, we can do that. We can match setting style, band width and shape, color, stone quality, and more. If you have a picture of an existing piece for inspiration or a drawing of a pendant that came to you in a dream, bring it in.

Any of our employees can answer most design related questions. And if they don’t know, we have a dedicated designer on staff. She has worked in the jewelry industry for over 25 years and is a GIA Graduate Gemologist. Even still, since the jewelry industry is ever changing, there might be a question we just can’t answer immediately. We welcome challenges like that, because we get to learn how to serve customers better. Given all of the contacts and resources available to us, we will research to find the answer.

If the answer is “Yes, we can make that,” what does that process look like? First, we get an approximate price quote. Then, a deposit is placed which goes entirely toward the price of the piece and allows us to start the detailed process of a final design. Then, depending on the job, we create a computer-generated design helping you to visualize the final product. If you give that design a thumbs up, we move ahead. If not, we tweak it according to your wishes and try again. Once you are satisfied with the design, the piece is crafted.

D&D Jewelers has helped create hundreds of custom pieces. Sometimes, we tweak an already existing product, other times we melt down a customer’s gold to cast a bespoke ring. Whatever your idea, stop by to ask us questions. Many of our custom projects end up below $2,000, especially if you already have stones to use or gold to trade in.

As jewelry experts, our purpose is to give you exactly what you want. Typically, we know of an item that already exists and bring it in. Other times, finding the perfect piece means starting the custom design process.