Addressing Sleep Disorders Safely

Sleep is a crucial part to maintaining a healthy life.

Common issues like snoring and sleep apnea can occur anytime, but without proper rest, our bodies and minds do not function as well as they should. If left unchecked, prolonged sleep issues like insomnia can lead to other serious health problems.

Dr. Austin Mennen at Sycamore Integrated Health points out the important link between sleep and other ailments.

“Lack of sleep, both quantity and quality, can play a direct role in the triad of sleep, pain and inflammation. Insufficient sleep has been shown to directly increase inflammation as well as perceived pain.”

Some usual signs of sleep issues include feeling unrested when you wake up in the morning, sleepiness during the day, difficulty concentrating, and even irregular breathing. But the pattern of irregular sleep can often be attributed to other issues, such as stress, anxiety, and pain in the body, as Dr. Mennen points out.

“Sleep and pain are intimately related,” he said. “It’s easy to see how minor discomfort affects sleep, but at a deeper level, that poor sleep is exacerbating the discomfort.”

Breaking the pain/sleep cycle is key to addressing both issues. Some medical treatments may include sleeping pills, melatonin supplements, or breathing devices (for apnea), but integrated physical care plays a significant role in addressing sleep issues, too.

Non-invasive, safe treatments at a healthcare center like Sycamore Integrated Health will help you reduce stress by increasing your body’s flexibility, range of motion and overall movement patterns. When your body functions better, your stress levels decline, and your body can settle into a more relaxed state – allowing for better sleep. This is important because the more sleep you get, the better your pain and stress responses will be, and vice versa.

“A decrease in sleep increases perceived pain while decreasing the tolerable amount of pain,” Dr. Mennen said. “Addressing aches and pains through active means such as movement and exercise will help strengthen the body as well as allow an outlet for pent up energy and stress.”

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