3 Things to Consider When Replacing Patio Doors

A standard slider door is no longer the only option for homeowners who are planning to replace their patio doors; now there are bi-fold, multi-fold, and French doors, among other selections, available in a variety of colors and materials. Whether you’re looking to create better functionality, improve the look of your outdoor space, replace damaged doors, increase natural light in your home, or improve energy efficiency, there are 3 things to consider when replacing your patio doors.

1. A patio door sets the tone for the back of the house. It can create a focal point, add energy efficiency, provide a terrific view of the back yard, and add natural light to the rear of the home. When considering your options, decide how much privacy you want, how much energy efficiency you need, and which design will best suit the style of your home. At Alexander Lumber in Cortland, you’ll find selections from Marvin, Windsor, and Lindsay Windows & Doors. Attractive options are available to meet each customer’s budget and complement the style of their home.

2. There are many glass options available for patio doors. You can choose plain or decorative glass, or glass with built-in blinds or grids. Low-E glass can help lower your energy bills year-round, and comes with a coating that can help prevent your furniture and flooring from fading.

3. Security features are very important. Since patio doors are usually located on the ground floor of a home, security is critical. Multiple locking mechanisms for both the main patio door and for the screen are available, along with dual-point and four-point locking mechanisms for additional security.

If you’re planning to replace your patio doors, visit the beautiful showroom at Alexander Lumber for design inspiration. Literature is available, and you can discuss patio door options with a knowledgeable salesperson.

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