Treatment Options for Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a common and comprehensive nerve disease affecting millions of people nationwide.

“Neuropathy is a progressive nerve disease where the small nerve endings begin to decay,” says Dr. Austin Mennen of Sycamore Integrated Health.

The word itself describes a series of symptoms including numbness, tingling and pain that stem from those damaged or decaying nerves. There are several types of neuropathy, which most often occur as a result of diabetes, but other diseases and disorders can cause the condition as well, such as alcoholism, certain vitamin deficiencies, and hereditary disorders.

Although the symptoms and types of this disease are many, there are also several treatment options available.

Treating neuropathy

Typically, the treatment for neuropathy depends on which type it is, with the goal being to address the condition directly to prevent additional nerve damage and reverse the issue that is causing it.

There is a range of medicinal and therapy-related options that your healthcare professional can administer, including here in the Sycamore-DeKalb region.

Certain over the counter medications can help with cases of mild discomfort, but the professionals at an integrated medical care facility can formulate a customized plan for your specific needs and exact type of neuropathy. This is ultimately done by incorporating various exercises and treatment plans for pain reduction and strengthening of the muscles in the affected area(s).

More advanced ways to treat neuropathy are available as well.

One such modern treatment is through laser therapy.

This procedure uses red and infrared light to increase the presence of cells in the damaged areas. This treatment not only replenishes the affected cells, but it reduces pain and swelling in the area, and can encourage the body to heal itself.

“In our office we use photobiomodulation, or laser therapy, to increase cellular activity, blood flow, and oxygen in the affected tissue to increase the healing potential of your own body,” Dr. Mennen said.

These are just a few ways to treat a neuropathic condition. To learn more about the treatment plans that may work best for you, visit or call 815-895-3354.

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