Traditional vs. Regenerative Medicine

When it comes to treating injuries or ailments, your healthcare professional will provide the best treatment plan for you.

Often, these treatments are in the form of traditional medicine, but you may have heard of regenerative medicine as well. This is an option that is advancing in popularity and effectiveness.

“As we age, our body naturally loses its ability to repair itself,” says Dr. Laura Pierobon at Sycamore Integrated Health.

“This is a combination of cellular aging and a physiologically changing environment.”

Which method is better for you will depend on your condition and symptoms, but it is important to understand the differences between the two.

Traditional medicine

As the name implies, traditional medicines include the best knowledge and practices of manual techniques, exercises, and approaches to treating injuries and illness. This type of medicine is largely focused on pain relief, physical therapy, and controlling or reducing the symptoms of discomfort. Traditional medicines can also vary based on the beliefs and experiences of different cultures in all parts of the world.

Regenerative medicine

The aim of regenerative medicine is to heal the injury without using invasive treatments like surgery or aggressive prescription medications. With this advanced approach, therapies such as human cellular tissue products (HCTPs), platelet rich plasma (PRP) or hyaluronic acid are introduced to your body where they address the root cause of the problem and correct it from within.

“We have options when patients come in with pain and/or osteoarthritis, for example,” Dr. Pierobon continues. “Number one – do nothing. Number two – have an invasive surgical procedure, which typically includes months of recovery. Number three – regenerative medicine. This is the option that stands between the two others.”

Regenerative medicine is a growing method of treatment that can successfully heal the body without using drugs or surgery, like traditional medicine can include, and is available at Sycamore Integrated Health.

While there are obvious differences between traditional and regenerative medicine, the healthcare experts at Sycamore Integrated Health can help determine which path is right for you based on your specific needs.

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