Helpful Ways to Cope with Loss During the Holidays

Grieving from loss is a difficult process no matter what, or when.

It takes time and effort to properly cope after a loved one passes on. Moreover, the feelings of sadness and grief can often be enhanced around the holidays – occasions that likely included many happy memories with the person who has passed.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimize those sad feelings to help you better cope during the holidays. In doing so, you can enjoy your time and activities more thoroughly.

Be with those you love

Surrounding yourself with family and friends is an ideal way to remain socially active and share the enjoyment of the holidays. It can be tempting to avoid social situations when you’re feeling down, but often being around those you care about can help lift your spirits. Whether it’s a traditional holiday gathering or something as simple as a conversation with a friend, engaging with those people who are important in your life will help you feel more positive and uplifted during the holiday season.

Talk with others

Often, one of the reasons the holidays are so difficult when coping with loss is because of happy associated memories. But sometimes sharing those memories with others and talking about the good times you’ve had can help you adapt to accepting your loss. Doing so can also help you view the holidays in an enjoyable, memorable way and less in a difficult light.

Take time for yourself

The holidays are a busy time. Although visiting with family and friends is important, it is also worth taking time to focus on yourself for healthy reflection or activities. Pick something you enjoy doing and give that some extra attention. Staying busy and active in a community that is supportive and encouraging has many benefits. Exercise, reading, going to the movies or even just a brisk walk are some helpful and healthy ways to be with yourself – through the support of others – and help you cope more thoroughly.

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