Letter: Sheriffs shouldn’t cherry pick which laws they choose to enforce

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DeKalb citizens should take a close look at Sheriff Sullivan’s decision to cherry-pick the law when it comes to enforcing the new ‘assault’ weapons’ gun ban.

Certainly the NRA and it’s backers are cheering. But there are bigger and much more far reaching implications here. Laws are supposed to be made for the general good.

If a sheriff can pick and choose what laws to obey, then the argument can be made that any private citizen should be afforded the same right for any law on the books that they do not personally agree with.

For example, let’s take the seatbelt law. When I first learned to drive there was no seatbelt law. Then car manufacturers were required to have them in all new models. Certainly, it can be argued that wearing or not wearing it is a personal choice that has no effect on those around them. Law enforcement when given the chance would surely cite an individual for failing to obey that law.

Good luck if you try to argue in court that you do not believe in that law and therefore do not need to follow it because you do not believe it is a fair law.

By refusing to follow the new assault weapons ban, the sheriff is inviting the public to do just that.

Sheriff Sullivan ran unopposed in the last election. Maybe it is time for someone who will uphold the laws as they are written for the greater good to run on the platform that he/she will obey the laws they took an oath to uphold regardless of personal views.

John Farrell