Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thank you to Jim Joyce for changing lives, from your CASA family

CASA DeKalb County would like to honor our long-time Advocate, Jim Joyce, for his many years of volunteering with our organization and wish him well as he retires from being a CASA Advocate.

For 21 years, Jim devoted a portion of his life to advocating for the most vulnerable children in our community, children who, without an advocate like Jim, would not be the same.

Jim was an amazing, dedicated and compassionate volunteer who in total advocated for 13 children involved in the DeKalb County juvenile court system through no fault of their own, but due to abuse or neglect by a parent or guardian. Jim was appointed to one of these children for eight years until the child’s case successfully closed.

Jim’s warm spirit, listening ear and bold courage to advocate for the needs of these children was incredible. The children to whom Jim was assigned had a stable, consistent person in their life who advocated for them to have the opportunity to thrive in a safe and permanent home, free from abuse and neglect.

Jim truly changed the lives of children in DeKalb County.

CASA is thankful for the time and heart Jim committed to our program and wish him nothing but the best as he retires from volunteering.

To volunteer as a CASA Advocate, visit casadekalb.org/volunteer-information/. CASA’s next Advocate Training session begins early February 2022. For more information about CASA, visit casadekalb.org or call 815-895-2052.