Support needed for new kiddie pool slide at Chamberlain Park in Genoa

GENOA – The Genoa Township Park Foundation is looking for community donations to help replace a 25-year-old water slide at Chamberlain Park.

Built in 1996, the mushroom pool slide at the pool at Chamberlain Park, 400 E. Second St., is in need of repair. The township foundation, a nonprofit, is overseeing its replacement and has turned to crowd-funding for support, according to a letter campaign sent out by foundation treasurer Judy Thompson. She also is on the Genoa Park District Board of Commissioners.

The foundation hopes to raise $38,000 to replace the slide, a fixture at the park, which was built in 1967. In its 50-year history, the pool itself has been upgraded, with two water slides installed, a diving well, pumps and filtration system, locker rooms, a concession stand and splash pad.

It’s time for the family-favorite water slide, Thompson said.

“It is really old and needs a lot of work done on it,” she said. “When you look at prices, it is really not worth fixing because the cost is so high.”

A new slide is in the works and will feature a playhouse.

“We picked out this adorable little house it sits in the middle of the pool and water runs down the slide for the little kids,” she said. “We would like to help park as far as raising money for this little baby slide.”

The park district plans to buy its replacement slide by the end of 2022 to be installed in the spring of 2023 before the pool season starts.

The foundation accepts donations in person at 400 E. Second St., Genoa or by mailing the donation to Genoa Township Park Foundation Treasurer, 33419 Hagen Drive, Kingston.