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100+ Women Who Care awards $13K Greatest Impact grant to Adventure Works

A local women’s charity group, 100+ Women Who Care, recently awarded $13,200 to Adventure Works of DeKalb County as part of the group’s regularly acts of giving.

The grant was given in November for the Greatest Impact Award, according to a news release.

Adventure Works is a unique, outdoor behavioral healthcare nonprofit for youth which utilizes therapeutic counseling for children in the natural environment as an alternative to traditional talk therapy, the release states. The youth served are of different ages and with different backgrounds, but the one thing that they have in common is that their mental health is impacting their daily lives.

When mental health issues go untreated, children are at an increased risk for school failure, contact with the criminal justice system, dependence on social services and even suicide. During the last year and a half because of lockdowns and isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased need for the assistance that Adventure Works provides.

For more information visit the organization’s website at www.adventureworksdekalb.org.

Since its inception in November 2014, the DeKalb County chapter of 100+ Women Who Care has raised $365,800 for local grassroots charities and organizations in DeKalb County. 100+ Women Who Care is a group of approximately 132 women who meet four times a year to make financial contributions to local 501 C (3) charities.

At each meeting, members nominate three local charities. After listening to presentations from each charity, members vote for the winner they feel most deserves the Greatest Impact Award. 100% of the donations go directly to the charity chosen. For more information visit the group’s website at www.100plusdekalbsycamorewomenwhocare.com.

The Best Buy Foundation has also recently partnered with the charitable group, awarding $5,000 grants to each winning charity, said member Darla Massier.