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Crosswinds Flute Choir to perform holiday tunes

The Crosswinds Flute Choir will present a Holiday Concert at 7 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 19, at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 1915 N. First St. in DeKalb.

The group will play some familiar holiday tunes, some new tunes and some old tunes with a new twist.

What sets the flute choir apart from other musical ensembles is that it is made up of only flutes. Most people have seen the standard concert flute and piccolo but four different sizes of flutes are played in the choir, which helps to fill out the sound. There will be some duets, trios and other pieces with as many as seven parts.

Flute choirs are becoming more popular and there is some music specifically written for flute choir. Other music is arranged from pieces written for other ensembles.

Crosswinds Flute Choir is based in DeKalb and is made up of flutists from high school, college and adults who enjoy working together. The concert is free, although a donation to the Bethlehem Food Pantry is appreciated.

Attendees are asked to wear a mask and maintain distance from others.