Effective immediately: City of Genoa asks residents to alternate water use amid drought, ‘Not a mandate,’ says mayor

DeKalb, Sycamore city managers say no changes necessary at this time for water usage

GENOA - Effective immediately, Genoa residents are being asked to alternate when to use water outdoors amid an ongoing drought and concerns over water usage, though it’s not a mandate, said Genoa Mayor Jonathon Brust.

According to a social media post Thursday, the City of Genoa is asking residents to begin practicing a water usage schedule. Residents who live at an address with an odd number are asked to only use water outside on a date with an odd number, and even addresses on even-numbered days. For instance, Thursday is June 17, so residents who live at an address with an odd number are permitted to use water outdoors.

Brust said the request, which is not a mandate, is due to the “unseasonably dry” weather.

“I definitely first and foremost don’t want to insight any fear,” Brust said. “This is a very proactive request, this is not a mandate.”

Brust said city officials were checking water levels recently and noticed they’re a few feet lower than in December, a typically dry month.

“There’s a drought, so we’re just asking residents, if they can, a lot of people are watering their grass, flowers, so if they could just do that on every other day, it would help lower usage and keep that level from dropping any further, and help us until next time it rains,” Brust said. “We’re not formally enforcing anything, we just ask people to respect this request. I don’t think we’ll have any huge issues, but we’ll take a look as things go on.”

The Genoa restrictions come as drought-like weather have plagued the region for weeks, with little respite in sight. According to the National Weather Service, the area expects to see a 70% chance of rain overnight Thursday into Friday, with three quarters to an inch of rainfall possible, and a 30% chance of rain Friday.

When reached for comment, city managers in the cities of DeKalb and Sycamore say there’s no plan to enact such water schedules at this time.

“We’re not anticipating restricting water usage at this point,” said DeKalb City Manager Bill Nicklas.

And Acting Sycamore City Manager Maggie Peck said Sycamore also has no plans to change up water usage.

“No, not at all,” Peck said when asked about water usage levels. “No concerns. Sycamore does not have any supply issues at this time.  However, we would encourage residents to be mindful of their resources during a drought.”

Kelsey Rettke

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